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PUBLIC INTIMACIES: Profession: Documentarist

17:00 Sun 19 Jan 2020

ICA Cinema 1

Through the context of Iran’s recent political, social and economic crisis, seven independent female filmmakers talk about their relationship to their sense of nationhood, their personal lives and their work as documentarians.

As they each contemplate the dangers of making their films in contrast with the pleasures of being in a place recognised as home, their internal dialogues, reminiscences and conversations with one another form a series of seven emotive diaristic vignettes.

As these experiences are threaded together, meandering and inconclusive questions of where these women belong in a crumbling film industry dictated by censorship laws reveals the elusive boundary between where the personal begins and the political ends. Programmed by Miranda Mungai. 70’

This is part of Public Intimacies, a strand of communually programmed films and illustrated lectures looking to the agency of women’s voices when in dialogue with themselves, and the potential for self-recognition through self-documentation.


The Mall, St James's
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    Shirin Barghnavard / Firouzeh Khosrovani / Farahnaz Sharifi / Mina Keshavarz / Sepideh Abtahi / Sahar Salahshoor / Nahid Rezaei 80 mins (IR, 2014)

    “We Iranian documentary directors have movies that can only be made in our minds. Sometimes, we tell them to each other.” Seven female Iranian documentary filmmakers show their personal and professional worlds.