EXAM, Dir. Sonia K. Hadad
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: We'll Never Be Those Kids Again

18:30 Fri 17 Jan 2020

Regent Street Cinema

Caught in the messy throes of adolescence, these shorts retread the turblent and enduringly cinematic path from teendom to adulthood.

From lessons learned and embarrassments endured to the joy of self-discovery, coming-of-age is never easy - wherever in the world you may be. Dark family secrets are reconciled in rural Canada, a young girl finds herself trapped in the cocaine business in Iran, and two girls overcome cultural differences in favour of friendship back home in the UK.

Featuring work from BAFTA nominee Charlotte Regan (Standby). Programmed by Philip Ilson. 86’

This programme contains racist and homophobic language and depictions of abuse.

Regent Street Cinema

309 Regent St, Marylebone
0207 911 5050
Adult £12 / Concessions £11


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    Qiu Yang 20 mins (CN, 2019)

    In an ordinary Chinese winter, small city junior high student Yu tries to quit her school aerobic dancing team.

    Rhys Marc Jones 16 mins (UK, 2019)

    Summer. Wales. 1991. 17-year-old Kat feels frustrated; lumped with the baby and her younger brother whilst her parents renovate their new home after recently relocating from Ireland. Here Kat spots Dylan, a young and attractive local laborer working under her parents.
  • EXAM

    Sonia K. Hadad 15 mins (IR, 2019)

    A teenage girl involved in the process of delivering a packet of cocaine gets stuck in a weird cycle of events.

    Charlotte Regan 9 mins (UK, 2019)

    Two girls from opposing cultural worlds are paired together and uncover togetherness.

    Arnold Lim 13 mins (CA, 2019)

    When 17-year-old Maddie attends school for the first time, she discovers dark secrets about her father and must reconcile with the father she thought she knew, and the father he may actually be.

    Ciaran Maginn 13 mins (IE, 2019)

    Best friends Franky and Felix have their friendship tested by an abusive older brother