POND, Dir. Tyler Macri
New Shorts


18:45 Fri 17 Jan 2020

Curzon Soho

From the genre playbook of Du Maurier and Mary Shelley, these macabre shorts arouse a pleasing sort of terror, toying with the unsettling, exciting possibility of something ominous in the shadows.

With curiosities from connoisseurs of unease Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Mark Jenkin (Bait) and Anna Maguire (Your Mother and I), you’re invited into an uncanny world of ghosts and mystery, with apparitions stalking from Paris to Cornwall, scholars overpowered by dark secrets and obsessive hole diggers. Programmed by Philip Ilson. 95’

This programme contains violent and bloody imagery.

Curzon Soho

99 Shaftesbury Avenue
Peak Adult £16.90 / Off-peak Adult £12.50 / Concessions available


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    Anna Maguire 17 mins (CA, 2019)

    Recent graduate Robin returns to her parents’ house and obsessively starts to dig a hole, encouraged by an impossibly perfect girl; but as she digs, she heads further down a path of self-destruction.
  • POND

    Tyler Macri 14 mins (US, 2019)

    Elizabeth lives with her reclusive mother in a dilapidated apartment where fish infest the piping, surfacing by way of a drain in the bathtub.

    Carla MacKinnon 8 mins (UK, 2018)

    Nature and domesticity collide as falling in love forces the hidden animal instincts of humans to rise to the surface. Featuring voices from documentary interviews, woven into an evocative soundtrack as stop-motion puppets and live-action footage combine to tell a dark love story.

    Mark Jenkin 18 mins (UK, 2019)

    A young Cornish poet is compelled to buy an old writing case, curiously engraved with her own initials. Opening the case and reading the faint traces of a poem on the paper within, calls the previous owner back from the shadows.

    Ryan Mackfall 15 mins (UK, 2018)

    1907, Massachusetts. A scholar drifts from his path and finds himself in a house he assumed to be deserted - apart from a beguiling book containing dark secrets that exerts a powerful hold over those who come into contact with it.

    Garth Jennings 23 mins (FR, 2018)

    Inside a grand Parisian apartment lives an elegant elderly lady. And inside this lady lives a monster.