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EUROPEANS: Dramas From a Divided Union

18:45 Thu 16 Jan 2020

Curzon Soho

Thirty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of liberal democracy, the European Union now faces new challenges. While British politics is dominated by a divisive Brexit, what are the themes consuming other EU countries and how have their unique histories defined their relationship to the Union?

Once again The Guardian and Headlong Theatre have come together to co-produce a political monologue series directed by Amy Hodge, commissioning seven high profile writers from across Europe to write intimate fictional scripts, performed in their original language by well known actors from each country. The screening will be followed by a reading of the UK script and a panel discussion with the Guardian and the creative team. 48’

Curzon Soho

99 Shaftesbury Avenue
Peak Adult £16.90 / Off-peak Adult £12.50 / Concessions available


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at for more information or special requests.


    Written by Jakub Żulczyk 7 mins (PL, 2019)

    A Polish long-distance lorry driver reflects on a life of distrust, borders and endless queuing before the creation of Schengen. Written by Jakub Żulczyk (Blinded by the Lights). Starring Jacek Koman (Children of Men, Moulin Rouge!)

    Written by Jonas Jonasson 5 mins (SE, 2019)

    In the idyllic garden of Sweden, a father describes how by trying to always be the best, Swedish politics has been devoured by the internet and division has taken hold. Written by Jonas Jonasson (The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared). Starring Viktor Åkerblom (Border)

    Written by Marius von Mayenburg 8 mins (DE, 2019)

    A neanderthal walks us through the passage of time to predict the future using the lessons of the past. Written by Marius von Mayenburg (Perplex, Martyr). Starring Robert Beyer (The Book Theif)

    Written by Lisa McInerney 5 mins (IE, 2019)

    An Irish woman from Cork is splitting up with her English boyfriend who is returning home to the UK. What is the impact of the end of their union? Written by Lisa McInerney (The Glorious Heresies, The Blood Miracles) Starring Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood)

    Written by Blanca Doménech 7 mins (ES, 2019)

    A young Spanish woman refuses to leave her rural community for the EU’s false promise of prosperity abroad. Staying local is what counts. Written by Blanca Doménech (Dead Point, Brain). Starring Paula Iwasaki

    Written by Alice Zeniter 8 mins (FR, 2019)

    In 2005 the French government ignored the results of a referendum on the EU but at what cost to democracy? Written by Alice Zeniter (L'Art de Perdre). Starring Sabrina Ouazani (The Hook Up Plan).

    Written by Clint Dyer 8 mins (UK, 2020)

    A bailiff clears out the house of an unsuspecting English couple, but is angered by their surprise, why should he care; British values have always put individualism at the cost of everything else haven’t they? Written by actor and director Clint Dyer (Sus, Black Mirror, The Westbridge, Death of England). Starring Javone Prince (Phone Shop, The Javone Prince Show [BBC])