CONTE ANGLAIS, Dir. Daniel Marc Janes
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Visions of Albion

15:30 Sun 12 Jan 2020

Curzon Soho

From the ‘listening ears’ of Dungeness, through the industrial districts of Manchester, and back down to the Essex coastline reimagined à la Éric Rohmer, these shorts survey the state of our small island.

Through the lens of British filmmakers, the fall-out of misplaced confidences and simmering anxieties reveals itself, asking questions of how we might now define Britishness and our individual senses of national identity. With performances from homegrown actors Kate Hardie (National Treasure) and Tim Plester (Bohemian Rhapsody), and new work from documentarians Duncan Cowles and Ross Hogg. Programmed by Philip Ilson 96’

Curzon Soho

99 Shaftesbury Avenue
Peak Adult £16.90 / Off-peak Adult £12.50 / Concessions available


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    Joe Roberts 17 mins (UK, 2018)

    Amy is taken on a camping holiday for her 15th birthday by her dad, where carefree days with her little brother soon give way to uncertain weeks. The uncertainty of the relationship between Amy and her dad leaves Amy with a decision to make.

    Sacha Teulon 14 mins (UK, 2019)

    London, 4 years after Brexit. A couple host a little party and Alison isn’t going to let social collapse ruin her evening.

    Naqqash Khalid 21 mins (UK, 2018)

    Set in the Manchester warehouse district, a newly arrived Frenchman gets caught up in an unwanted conflict with the authorities in an absurd, Post-Brexit fairy tale that plays with language, miscommunication, and European anxiety.

    Daniel Marc Janes 15 mins (UK, 2019)

    Shot in 16mm, Conte Anglais is a lyrical drama about love, Brexit, and Anglo-French differences. It is a heartfelt tribute both to Éric Rohmer and to the coast of Essex in the east of England.

    Isaac Magner 3 mins (UK, 2019)

    Sonic Cemetery is an experimental audio-visual piece that reflects on the distant memories of Britain’s Acoustic Mirrors. These utilitarian structures once protected Britain but soon became redundant following the invention of the radar.

    Thomas Edwards 17 mins (UK, 2019)

    All the Trimmings tells the story of a man’s desperate pursuit to provide Christmas dinner for his young family.

    Duncan Cowles / Ross Hogg 9 mins (UK, 2018)

    Contrasting artistic visions, misplaced confidence and blatant ignorance meet against the backdrop of an increasingly fragile and divided world as two stubborn Scottish filmmakers struggle to make a short film together in the Austrian Alps.