New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Global Stories

This event has ended.

12:00 Sat 16 Jan 2016

Hackney Picturehouse (screen TBC)

A session of global short films by UK based filmmakers that takes us across countries and cities, from the city streets of Brooklyn and Kathmandu to the remoteness of Kyrgyzstan and Siberia, to the suburbia of Middle America and New Zealand.

Film running order:

VANISHED Colette McWilliams & Glemerson Carrilho 14 mins

BLACKOUT Raghav Pasricha 20 mins

MAYA Veemsen Lama 15 mins

TALGAR THE HUNTER Charlie Crane 13 mins

TAMARA Sofia Safanova 16 minutes

MADELEINE Ollie Verschoyle 10 mins

SKANK Sophie Francesca 7 mins

BROOKLYN BLUES Dean Loxton 9 mins

106 mins


    Raghav Pasricha 20 mins (UK, 2015)

    Blackout is a short fiction film about Anirudh, a struggling journalist who sees an opportunity for a story when he gets word of a neighbour’s death – a retired army general with deep roots in the community. The film follows Anirudh’s attempts to separate fact from fiction, as he grapples with the demands of his new employer versus his professional ethics.

    Dean Loxton 9 mins (UK, 2015)

    A troubled Brooklyn couple visit a psychic healer for help, but things only get worse.

    Ollie Verschoyle 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    In a small American town a mundane event offers a glimpse in to a normally unseen world of mysterious connections. A businessman rushes for his train but just misses it. As he waits for the next service another world seems to open up before him and we witness a series of disparate characters each enter their own state of delusion, rapture or heightened awareness.
  • MAYA

    Veemsen Lama 15 mins (UK, 2015)

    Narrowly escaping the clutches of the slave traders, Maya, Bikram and Kancha suddenly find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu. Vulnerable, penniless and alone, they are forced to live their life on the streets with only hopes and dreams of happiness.

    Sophie Francesca 7 mins (UK, 2015)

    In a cheap living room in small-town New Zealand a children’s birthday party is in full swing. While the kids are caught up in the ecstasy of the party, young mum Hayley is entangled in more ‘adult’ affairs.

    Charlie Crane 13 mins (UK, 2015)

    Talgar the Hunter is a beautiful, peaceful and moving short film about loss and reconciliation. Part documentary, part fable. Talgar takes a journey through kyrgyzstan's bleak landscape to heal his closest companion Tumara the Golden Eagle. There is only one man alive that can bring inner peace back to this quiet hero.

    Sofia Safanova 16 mins (UK, 2015)

    Siberian bus conductress Tamara introduces her teenage son Max to the colleague she started dating recently. As they meet in a jolly karaoke bar, she gets suspended between the two men and is forced to look for her own self instead.

    Andy Sowerby 4 mins (, 2014)

    Narrative driven music video that follows the escapades of a mysterious man who is missing and alone in the big city. As he explores the wonders of the urban landscape; he is getting lost within his imagination. But his family miss him and perhaps it's time to go home?