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NEW SHORTS: Docs: London Stories

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20:30 Thu 14 Jan 2016

ICA ICA Cinema 1

A chance to learn about real life London and Londoners; from East End steam baths and the typical boozer, from the lifelong newspaper seller to the morning commute, from Little Italy to New Cross. 

Film running order:

SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Tal Amiran 9 mins 

ECLIPSE Billy Bolton & Joe Wilson 2 mins 

NO 99 Elena Alessia Negriolli & Nina Ahmad 10 mins 

STEAMERS Rebecca Coley 10 mins 

COLIN O’BRIEN 65 Aaron Kyle 15 mins 

JAM&CHEESE Ewen Spencer 7 mins 


THE WENLOCK ARMS Ollie Verschoyle 7 mins 

JUS SOLI Somebody Nobody 16 mins 

PLATFORM 1 Jessica Bishopp 11 mins 

102 mins


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


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    Nicola Gallani 14 mins (UK, 2015)

    Bordering the City and London’s West End, the narrow streets of Clerkenwell used to be known as London’s Little Italy. Blending archive material and interviews with 'Cockney Italians' whose roots in the area date back to the 1800s, Arrivederci Clerkenwell celebrates a corner of cosmopolitan London before it is lost to massive urban regeneration.

    Aaron Kyle 15 mins (UK, 2015)

    English photographer Colin O'Brien has been taking pictures since he was 8 years old from the aftermath of the war right up to present day. Documenting the irony, the struggles and ever-changing lifestyles of where he grew up, London. He has recently published his book 65, which looks back over the 65 years he has been taking photographs.

    Rosa Fisher 1 mins (UK, 2015)

    Conformity Juice explores ideas of group identity, conformity, and groups which prescribe a strict set of rules and ideas, concentrating on the mass rather than the thoughts and opinions of individuals. The film is about embracing difference, stepping away from the crowd and discovering what it takes to break the mould.

    Billy Bolton and Joe Wilson 2 mins (UK, 2015)

    Cloud cover doesn't diminish the optimistic mood in Regent's Park as the crowd await the somewhat eerie phenomenon of a solar eclipse. Filmed at 9.45am on the 20th March 2015.

    Ewen Spencer 7 mins (UK, 2015)

    Ewen Spencer captures the quad skaters reinvigorating roller disco by bringing their four-wheels to the streets of east London.

    Somebody Nobody 16 mins (UK, 2015)

    JUS SOLI opens up a discourse on the Black British experience; interrupting the emotional transition between generations and questioning what it means to be British. The film shines a light on the under represented tragedy of 13 British youths killed in The New Cross House Fire, 18th January 1981. 2016 marks the 35th anniversary of this tragic event.
  • NO 99

    Elena Alessia Negriolli and Nina Ahmad 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    Brian Moore grew up living above his family’s business - a London menswear shop. He started running it after his father died in 1969. But when the time came for Brian’s own retirement he couldn’t bear to leave. So, one day, he simply locked the shop front door, keeping it frozen in time for the next 15 years.

    Jessica Bishopp 11 mins (UK, 2015)

    Through the hatch of a cafe kiosk on platform 1, the film unearths the treasures of the everyday and people who make the early morning daily commute; half asleep and pensive they reveal personal stories, hopes and fears.

    Tal Amiran 9 mins (UK, 2015)

    For the last 36 years, Paul has opened his North London paper stall at 4.40am, seven days a week, every week of the year. Now 66, and with his time selling papers nearing an end, Paul reflects on his life in the paper booth and what the future holds for the stall he inherited from his father.

    Rebecca Coley 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    STEAMERS follows the regular patrons of the Docklands Sauna and Steam in East London. Friends who have been ‘steaming' together for decades share their love of steam, stories and therapy amongst the hot air. A film is about community, camaraderie and friendship.

    Ollie Verschoyle 7 mins (UK, 2015)

    A portrait of an idiosyncratic public house forms from the voices of the devoted regulars, for whom it was a unique place of solace, joy and above all, community.