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21:00 Sat 9 Jan 2016

Hackney Picturehouse (screen TBC)

Through a glass darkly for a selection of gothic tinged fairy stories for a dark winter’s night. Ghost stories with a twist and adult themed fairytales to warm your cockles. Watch out for Ben Whishaw in The Muse.

Film running order:

SWEETHEART Jack Taylor Cox 19 mins

THE MUSE Tim Walker 14 mins

WHISPER Jo Lewis 10 mins

LINE SIGNAL John Panton 8 mins

AGRAVOY Jacob Nizzola 10 mins

EAT Carl Shanahan 10 mins

MANOMAN Simon Cartwright 11 mins

ABSENCE Rob Savage 3 mins

SIREN Ferdie Simon 13 mins

98 mins


    Rob Savage 3 mins (UK, 2015)

    A moving film about the grieving process, starring Paul McGann.

    Jacob Nizzola 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    In a dark, dilapidated apartment suppressed door latches and muffled conversations bring a figure scuffling out from the shadows. It leers through peepholes out onto a world of beauty and despair. Obsessive but unrequited love for a female neighbour boils over to jealousy and rage when the voyeuristic relationship becomes a ménage à trois.
  • EAT

    Carl Shanahan 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    Eat is an unsettling look at the ritualistic nature of dinner and how people, in particular family, regularly gather together to take part in a meal. The film follows four children hoping to make it through one family meal without incident by adhering to the strict etiquette set by their intimidating mother figure. The children also have another concern… what’s being served?

    John Panton 8 mins (UK, 2015)

    A lone jogger visits a bygone tragedy as she runs on a disused railway line. Can she learn from the past or will history defeat her too?

    Simon Cartwright 11 mins (UK, 2015)

    Glen is barely a man. In a desperate attempt to tap into his masculinity he attends a primal scream therapy session, surrounded by wailing men he cannot even make a sound. When another member of the class pushes Glen too far he finally lets something out- a miniature version of himself which does whatever it wants, regardless of the consequences.

    Louise Marie Cooke 23 mins (, 2014)

    A story of lust and desire, of identity and sexuality. Elizabeth’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman drifting through the sleepy English coastal town where she lives. A desire is awakened in her that grows with intensity, all complicated by her on / off relationship with a local guy called Tom.

    Eva Riley 15 mins (UK, 2012)

    "Lou may have Down’s Syndrome but is more than capable of looking after herself. She lives with her controlling sister Ashley, who always gets what she wants. When a new man comes into their lives, the sisters become love rivals, bringing their relationship to a head."

    Tim Walker 14 mins (UK, 2015)

    Edward Dunstan (Ben Whishaw) is a photographer and filmmaker obsessed by his muse (Kristen McMenamy). Blinded by an all-consuming passion and perfectionism, he was unable to see her as she was and so, she has left him. Only now does he understand what she endured. There is nothing left for him but to become both artist and muse…

    Jo Lewis 10 mins (UK, 2015)

    A young woman travels to a remote beachside cabin in an attempt to finally quit her heroin habit. While there she accidentally sets in motion a chain of sinister events. Hauntingly beautiful, Whisper is a modern day ghost story that will keep you gripped from start to spine-chilling finish. Whisper is a modern day ghost story shot entirely on location on the Isle of Sheppey UK.