New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Femmes Fantastiques

17:00 Sat 9 Jan 2016

Hackney Picturehouse (screen TBC)

A selection of dramas that bring us femmes with attitude. Watch out for great performances by Kate Dickie, Sharlene Whyte, Claire Skinner and Hermione Norris.

Film running order:

ELSEWHERE Roger Hyams 12 mins

REST STOP Kate Herron 11 mins

A WORLD FOR HER Carolina Petro 18 mins

VIDEO Eva Riley 14 mins

DEAR DELICIOUS Bronwen Parker-Rhodes 3 mins

THE RAIN COLLECTOR Isabella Wing-Davey 11 mins

OPERATOR Caroline Bartleet 6 mins

THE CLEANER Esther McAuley & Jake McAuley 3 mins

NURSING THE NATION Libby Knowles 4 mins

FRAGMENTS OF MAY Maria Pia Fanigliulo 20 mins

101 mins


    Carolina Petro 18 mins (UK, 2015)

    Wrongfully arrested, Marina is placed in the unfamiliar world of a prison cell. Spending four days on remand, Marina’s distress transforms as she is confronted by the bleak reality of the women she meets inside.

    Bronwen Parker-Rhodes 3 mins (UK, 2015)

    “Why am I writing to you? Beauty, nakedness, curiosity. Or a thousand other reasons. I don’t know, really. That I’m selfish is a big part of it. And also that desire makes me – not just me, I think it goes for everyone – feel more alive.” Dear Delicious uncovered the secret and surprising letters men send to pole dancers.

    Roger Hyams 12 mins (UK, 2015)

    Alex begins to suspect his wife Jane of having an affair. The truth is stranger. At a Travelodge near a motorway, Jane buys dinner at Little Chef and takes Alex around a deserted business park. Her secret world is this: she comes to undefined places to be "elsewhere". Now Alex must accept this subtle but profound change in their marriage.

    Maria Pia Fanigliulo 20 mins (UK, 2015)

    Inspired by David Foster Wallace’s very first short story, which visualises mental discomfort as living on a different planet to Earth, and led by Emily Dickinson's early poems about life which shape the main character's inner monologue, FRAGMENTS OF MAY splits the eponymous lead character into two halves: one struggling in London in the past; the other trying to recover in a youth clinic in the present– until the two storyline collide, revealing the accident which brought May to be sectioned.

    Libby Knowles 4 mins (UK, 2015)

    'Nursing the Nation' is a poem by Molly Case which responds to the backlash NHS workers receive in the media by celebrating the small but vitally important things healthcare workers do that go by unnoticed, late night cups of tea or holding somebody's hand who is scared of what will happen to them, or about to pass away.

    Caroline Bartleet 6 mins (UK, 2015)

    An Emergency Services Operator in a Fire Control Room picks up a call from a desperate young mother. An hour previously, Gemma had fallen asleep in front of the television and has now woken to find the room full of smoke. Her son is trapped upstairs. The operator’s guidance is all that Gemma can rely on in order to survive.

    Ben Masson 14 mins (UK, 2015)

    Meek English author John Chinnery writes hard-boiled crime novels under a nom de plume, pretending to be grizzled American Rick Hardin when giving readings to his unwitting fans. A late-night encounter at a petrol station goes awry when John Chinnery lets Rick Hardin seep into reality. Based on a short story by Stephen King.

    Esther McAuley and Jake McAuley 3 mins (UK, 2015)

    Three years ago, the Conservative MP and Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller, announced the closure of the vast majority of Remploy factories. This left over 1,500 disabled people facing sudden unemployment. Last year, a group of Remploy ex-employees, with different disabilities and learning difficulties, met to discuss what the future held for them. This story is inspired by them.

    Isabella Wing-Davey 11 mins (UK, 2015)

    Inspired by true events, The Rain Collector is about the women who confounded ideas of what was appropriate or expected, and got involved in science in Victorian England. This is the story of Vanessa Kentworth and the rain.

    Eva Riley 14 mins (UK, 2015)

    Elaine is having trouble balancing her life between her teenage daughter and her secret evening job. Over one evening, her personal life spills over into her work when faced with an indecisive young couple.