New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Funny Shit

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21:00 Fri 8 Jan 2016

ICA ICA Cinema 1

This popular opening night kick-off to LSFF returns to put a smile on your face and blow away the January blues. Watch out for performances from Steve Oram, Alexander MacQueen, Johnny Vegas, and Sheila Reid.  

Film running order:

MR DIRECTOR Andy Martin 7 mins  

DARK_NET Tom Marshall 12 mins  

JUST DESSERTS Michael Yanny 15 mins  

OH-BE-JOYFUL Susan Jacobson 14 mins  

MR MADILA Rory Waudby-Tolley 4 mins  

IF THE CUCKOO DON’T CROW Steve Kirby 2 mins  

CIRCLES Dean Puckett 14 mins  

WINGMAN Will Herbert 16 mins  

FAN GIRL Kate Herron 16 mins  

100 mins


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at for more information or special requests.


    Dean Puckett 15 mins (UK, 2015)

    Circles is a Comedy/Horror which follows a pair of paranormal investigators as they discover a string of crop circles around their small town of Totnes, Devon. Will they be the first to gather evidence of extraterrestrial life and prove the world wrong, or are Andy and Martine the real Aliens?

    Tom Marshall 12 mins (UK, 2015)

    Alan (Johnny Vegas) searches for answers in all the wrong places and this time he thinks he's found them...on the internet in the form of a highly trained deadly assassin. But he's about to learn the true price of entering the 'dark_net'.

    Kate Herron 16 mins (UK, 2015)

    As teenagers, Emily and Kim obsessed over Ryan Laughtner, singer in the noughties boy-band Off-Limits. Now in their mid-twenties on a nostalgia tour, they find modern-day Ryan, an alcoholic shadow of his former glory. Will their friendship survive adulthood? Or did it end at the Smash-Hits Poll Winner's Party 2002?

    Steve Kirby 2 mins (UK, 2015)

    Brian from Melton recounts how his mother, Doris, was the woman who predicted the October 1987 hurricane and famously phoned the BBC, but was told not to be so daft.

    Michael Yanny 15 mins (UK, 2015)

    Loosely based on a true story, ‘Just Desserts’ is a dark comedy about compulsive lottery player Dennisn on a monthly meal out with his wife and friends. The night turns when a practical joke they play on him backfires horribly. Featuring an ensemble cast of British talent including Alex Macqueen, (The Thick of it) and David Schaal (The Inbetweeners).

    Andy Martin 7 mins (UK, 2015)

    The biggest ego in film directing tells us his story of a lifetime in the movie business with clips from some of his films, archive interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Lets meet the man, the legend that is 'MrDirector'.

    Rory Waudby-Tolley 4 mins (UK, 2015)

    "Everything is mostly nothing. Look closely and you can see all the little bits and pieces, and all the gaps in-between." Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing documents a series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself, through the sacred art of animation.

    Susan Jacobson 14 mins (UK, 2015)

    Rita is about to kick the bucket, but before she does she’s got one final job to do: drag her granddaughter out of the closet.

    Will Herbert 16 mins (UK, 2015)

    The last of Paul’s friends are getting married and he’s still lonely, sad and single. Desperate to impress and to find that special someone, he enlists the services of a professional ‘Wingman’ for help on his big date and things just go from bad to worse.