Screen South - Innovation Shorts

12:00 Sun 2 Jun 2013

Quadrangle Farm

Screen South will present  Innovation Shorts which was a VFX led shorts competion whci completed late ast year. The series is produced by Screen South, VERL in Dundee Univerity and FilmFyn in Denmark.  The aim was to promote the Visual Effects Research Lab in Dundee and provide  opportunites for new European talent through a unique co-production programme.

The Infectious Imagination of Henry Bramble (trailer) (2 mins)

Written & Directed by Derek Boyes, Produced by Annabel Bates & Charlotte Wontner

Shallow (17 mins)

Written & Directed by Will Bridges, Produced by Ben Pullen

Unoriginal (15 mins)

Directed by David Jackson, Written by Jamie Shearing, Produced by Ben Pullen

PROTO (15 mins)

Written & Directed by Nick Pittom, Produced by Richard Georg Engström

Screen South will also talk about their recent work with EuroShorts (, the BFI Film Academy for young people, uScreens and uSpark( as well as future plans.