Gillies MacKinnon: My Essential Short Film

10:00 Sun 2 Jun 2013

Quadrangle Farm

Director Gillies MacKinnon introduces his essential short film that he feels every filmmaker should see, and he’ll explain his choice and discuss the film’s merits.

MacKinnon has been making films for cinema and TV for 25 years, and his work includes Small Faces, Hideous Kinky (with Kate Winslet, which she made immediately after Titanic), Regeneration (adapted from the novel by Pat Barker about the First World War), and Pure (with Keira Knightley).

“I’ve spent a packed 25 years making cinema and TV films and have worked with some fabulous producers, writers and actors. I’m glad I started a bit late and did some other things before making films. Whilst I am so glad and grateful for the opportunities I have had in film, I’d like to think I will do more ‘other things’ in the future. In order to succeed in film it often becomes compulsive, addictive, and can take over. Good to remember it’s not the only thing in life.”