Share your favourites with Samefive

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LSFF are pleased to introduce Samefive – an exciting new interest network perfect for film aficionados.

LSFF are pleased to introduce Samefive – an exciting new interest network perfect for film aficionados.

Samefive is a way for you to interact with other film fans based on what you’re into (and not just who you know).

The way it works is simple; just pick your favourite films screened at this year’s festival and Samefive will help you discover new films to enjoy based on others favourites - flippin’ marvellous!

You can save your lists by creating an account. Then check back later in the festival to see new matches, update your lists or add more. You can even create your own categories and enter new films if a favourite of yours isn’t there already.

It’s in its early stages – but over the coming months the site will evolve to include more films and features. So have a play and let our friends at Samefive know what you think, you can send any thoughts to – you might just influence the direction Samefive takes!  Thanks!