Philip Ilson vs David Cameron

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LSFF Director Philip Ilson responds to David Cameron's remarks.

Read David Cameron’s remarks here:

Philip says:
  "Interesting that this has come through right in the middle of the London Short Film Festival, when the UK's future film talents are out & about.

  Of all the filmmakers that LSFF has championed in the past, many have gone on to great critical and box office success. We've supported Andrea Arnold since her first short film, and Carol Morley (DREAMS OF A LIFE) has been on our radar since year one. Both of these filmmakers have been wowing the public with their recent features, as well as grabbing the plaudits.

  Last we focused on Ben Rivers, who's debut feature TWO YEARS AT SEA was the hit of the BFI London Film Festival; all these filmmakers have the potential to change people's lives with their original visions.

  At this year's festival, there's still time to see Paul Wright, (last year's short film BAFTA winner) and Warp's Mark Hebert, who has constantly championed British talent like Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine and Chris Morris. Both will be in conversation, and this evening enfant terrible Sean Conway has sold out the ICA with his films and Q&A.

  To tell these filmmakers that they need to make mainstream fare to get financial support is an insult; who knows what mainstream fare is, and what audiences want? By letting them develop the talent they already have gives us new voices, new ideas and new visions, the way past masters like Nic Roeg and Ken Russell challenged our visual perception.

  Britain trying to be Hollywood has happened before; remember SHOPPING with Sadie Frost & Jude Law? Remember THUNDERBIRDS?"