London Short Film Festival at Stratford East Picturehouse and Aubin Cinema

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Visit east London during the festival for two exciting programmes at Stratford East Picturehouse and Aubin Cinema

In the next 9 days, as well as programmes at the Rio in Dalston and Hackney Picturehouse, east London plays host to a pair of experimental programmes that toy with our conceptions of film in both content and form. NEW SHORTS #13 DOCUMENTARY: HINTERLANDS AND FRONTIERS at Stratford East Picturehouse and NEW SHORTS #31 CELLULOID TRACES at the Aubin in Bethnal Green promise the unpredictable!


Mon 13 Jan 18:30 Stratford East Picturehouse

A tantalising collection of non-fiction shorts which flirt around the edges of the documentary form, seducing us from the boundaries where artist film, experimental approaches or simply heightened reality give us new, unexpected perspectives.  From wordless observation to found footage, from visualising inner worlds to the slow observation of the intricate world around us, this varied bunch come to us from the outposts of documentary.

90 min

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Sun 19 Jan 15:00 Aubin Cinema

We celebrate all things celluloid and filmic in this programme of experimental work. Films that draw on the retro look of super 8 and 16mm film screen alongside reappropriated Hollywood images. We present very short work by artist filmmakers Stuart Pound, Rob Munday & Vicky Dale, Helen Nias and Magnus Irvin, more epic surreal celluloid extravaganzasThe Liver and Bloodbridge, plus the experimental documentary Hoghole about robbery and memory on the island of St Vincent.

70 min

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