Introducing With Teeth

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London Short Film Festival has launched the With Teeth 2017 open call for submissions, which will award grants of £2,000 to three artists, thanks tp Arts Council England national lottery funding.

The commission theme for 2017 is ‘Possession’; an idea which we invite you to explore in whatever way you like…We’ve made entering as straightforward as possible, but don’t take our word for it - head over to the dedicated With Teeth page for full details.

You might already have guessed - With Teeth is named after LSFF’s distinctive Festival logo designed by original Halloween Society co-founder Tim Harding. The Projector With Teeth signifies the LSFF ethos of screening challenging and daring work that might (hopefully) surprise you, and we felt a commissioning fund should follow that ethos. We’ve set out some parameters for With Teeth: It’s designed to prioritise the artists’ vision; It’s to support independent work that just won’t conform: It’s to help artists to bridge the gap between mainstream and experimental viewing sensibilities; It will nurture artists with the support to take creative risks. If you like the sound of this, you should think about applying.

As part of With Teeth pilot scheme, earlier this year we commissioned LSFF alumni to make the very first With Teeth films; Alex Taylor had been on our radar for a number of years, with two of his earlier shorts being nominated for LSFF Best UK Short Film, ahead of his i-feature Spaceship released this coming May; Alnoor Dewshi’s work took us back to the Halloween Society days with a near 25 year legacy of exciting groundbreaking experimental short film; Daisy Dickinson is a much newer name to us, with her work more geared towards projection for live music for bands such as Seefeel and Adrena Adrena. Alex’s commission, Lily Goes to Kissland, was also used for the LSFF 2017 trailer, Alnoor’s Kickbox Hijabi became part of a screening event around DIY filmmaking at the Festival, and Daisy’s Blue But Pale Blue premiered at our With Teeth commission launch one of London’s newest venues, Castle Cinema in Hackney.

There’ll be more opportunities to see Alex, Alnoor and Daisy’s With Teeth films soon - watch this space for announcements.

And now, over to you - we’re chomping at the bit to see your With Teeth pitches.